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Retail consultancy

Filming the training DVD Selling with a Purpose at Ely Cathedral


Retail Thinking offers training on all aspects of setting up and operating a shop at a museum, heritage site or visitor attraction and our training is designed to help improve professional standards and generate additional profit.


Some training is carried out on a one-to-one basis as an integral part of consultancy assignments but we also offer a series of courses and workshops tailored specifically to clients' needs.


Courses are generally designed for groups of up to 15 participants and our fee structure is based on a daily rate, making courses with larger delegate numbers particularly good value. The courses are usually aimed at the museum and heritage sectors but all can be tailored to suit other visitor attractions.


The course duration is normally one or two days but some subjects can be addressed in half day sessions. We will be pleased to discuss specific requirements.

Popular courses include:

How to Manage a Museum Shop
This course offers a practical introduction to the key aspects of operating a successful retail outlet in a museum or heritage site. There is particular emphasis on buying and product development and other areas explored include the relationship with suppliers, stock control, visual merchandising and selling skills. Financial management is also discussed and the importance of key performance indicators explained.

Duration: One day course


Display to Sell! Visual Merchandising and Display
The workshop concentrates on the essential and often underrated skills involved in effective merchandise presentation. Shop layout, sequencing and product placement are considered and there is particular focus on the fundamental techniques for successful merchandising and display. Analysis and discussion of real life examples are followed through with practical display work with museum and heritage shop merchandise.

Duration: One day course

Superlative Selling Skills
This workshop focuses on pro-active selling and looks at the way in which potential customers should be handled from the moment they enter the premises to successfully concluding the sale. The various stages of the selling process are explored and the important link with effective visual merchandising and high retail standards is also discussed.

Duration: Half day or one day course.

Superlative Customer Service
"Superlative Customer Service" takes a fresh approach to a much discussed subject. The emphasis is on the attitude and approach made to customers by staff and the critical effect it has both on retail performance and the image of the museum or attraction as a whole. We look at the welcome and approach, techniques for successful selling and complaint handling and how to make superlative service an integral part of the shopping experience.

A great deal is talked about customer service but the usual pitfall is for companies to over promise and under deliver. Superlative Customer Service is designed to help ensure that your employees over deliver!

Duration: One day course

Other Courses and Workshops

We are able to deliver a number of other retail training courses and shorter modules all geared to the management of shops at museums, heritage sites and visitor attractions.


Please contact Peter Holloway on 01829 730066 to discuss your training needs.




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